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Women’s Wellness

Ayurveda defines health as the balance of the 3 doshas, namely Vata (air and space), Pitta (water and fire), Kapha (water and earth). Disease is viewed as a state of disharmony or imbalance of these 3 doshas. Imbalance can occur either due to the transitions in age and ageing or variances in food or lifestyle. Seasonal changes also influence our health. In today’s modern era women face a barrage of health concerns. Worldwide the changes in lifestyle and the increasing levels of stress are affecting their health. Some of the problems arising are menstrual irregularities, pre and post natal issues (particularly depression) and difficulty in managing menopause. Common solutions and cures for these concerns are encompassed within the sphere of Ayurveda. Not only does the Ayurvedic system address these concerns, it can prevent their onset. Ayurveda has the best natural health supplements and products to manage the changes in the female body from puberty to menopause. These remedies and supplements assist the process of change in being less painful. Ayurveda builds resistance and boosts immunity to handle the feminine changes naturally and effortlessly.

menstrual irregularities

Menstrual irregularities such as painful periods, heavy flow in periods, leucorrhoea are mainly due to the imbalance of Vata & Pitta doshas.


Menopause which generally ensues at the age of 40-50 can have negative repercussions such as emotional instability, hot flushes, weakness & irregular bleeding. This can be handled by herbs such as Satavari, Pushyanuga churna that help in regulating hormonal imbalances.

In Ayurveda beauty care was never seen as distinct from health care.

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